Randwick Council Draft Urban Design Guidelines


GSThe Mayor and the 14 other Councillors of Randwick City were asked questions about a letter tabled at the Ordinary Meeting held 29th April, 2014.  The letter was signed by the Director of the Light Rail project, Jeff Goodling, and addressed to the General Manager of Randwick City Council.  In that letter Mr Goodling stated that the PPP tender for the LR had been issued on the 7th March, 2014  He also noted that as the tender had already been issued it would be ‘problematic’ to incorporate Council’s Draft Urban Design Guidelines.
The following is Councillor Geoff Stevenson’s response:
Sent: Saturday, May 3, 2014 9:10 AM
Thank you for drawing this matter to my attention.
It is a common problem with the current Mayor of Randwick that he gives Mayoral Minutes to Councillors at the beginning of the meeting or even after the meeting has started and therefore we do no get to read any supporting documents such as the one you refer before we are forced to vote on the matter. We are being manipulated.
In these circumstances I abstain from voting and encourage other Councillors to do the same until they have read the report or minute, such a abstention is recorded as voting against the motion. If all Councillors did this then the matter would be lost and have to be dealt with at a later time when we have had time to read what we are voting for.
Unfortunately most Councillors do no see the power in resisting to make a decision that is being pushed past them therefore they get no time to understand what they are doing. Further I am ridiculed by the Mayor and GM for exercising my democratic right of refusing to vote.
Such is the sad state of business agendas at Council that letters like the one you have raised get through with no query or questions. It seems appalling that this letter was not discussed.
I publish all my comments on light rail on my blog pages http://www.geoffstevenson.blogspot.com.au and my twitter feed www.twitter.com/stevensongeoff
Please forward this email as you have indicated you will to all the people you have sent the questions to as a matter of transparency and without edit so that my comments cannot be misinterpreted.
Thank you
Councillor Geoff Stevenson
Randwick City Council
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On 30 Apr 2014, at 10:27 pm
To Mayor and Councillors of Randwick City Council
copied:  South Ward Email List; Michael Daley, MP Maroubra;  Matt Thistlethwaite, MP Kingsford Smith; Bruce Notley-Smith MP Coogee, Ray Brownlee, GM RCC
I have three questions to put to you about the TfNSW LR process and would be grateful for your responses.
Please note that this email is copied to residents in South Ward and beyond.  In the interests of transparency I intend to forward your responses, unedited, to this list as well as post them, unedited, at www.facebook.com/RandwickLightRail   Please indicate if you have a problem with this.
At yesterday’s meeting, 29th April, 2014, you received a copy of a letter dated 17th April, 2014 – see http://laperouse.info/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Jeff-Goodling-Letter-to-Ray-Brownlee-29-April.jpg   from Jeff Goodling, Project Director for LR, addressed to Ray Brownlee and stamped as received 29th April, 2014.
In that letter Mr Goodling stated that the PPP tender for the LR had been issued on the 7th March, 2014  He also noted that as the tender had already been issued it would be ‘problematic’ to incorporate Council’s Draft Urban Design Guidelines.
The EIS for the LR is at the ASSESSMENT stage.
It is yet to be DETERMINED by the Planning Minister.
Under the EP&A Act it is possible for the Planning Minister to refuse approval.
Notwithstanding,  let’s assume that it is approved.
For a $1.6billion State Significant project it would not be unreasonable to expect CONDITIONS of CONSENT  to accompany the approval.  And it is likely for a project of this size that the CONDITIONS  would affect the scope of the tender.
My first question:
Does it concern you that a PPP tender was issued before Planning assessment, Ministerial approval and the Conditions of Consent?
On the 6th April, 2014 an article appeared in Australian Manufacturing on-Line.  The article has since been removed from the Australian Manufacturing website but before it was I copied the content (below).   I  also downloaded the media release that Aurecon submitted to PRWire – see http://laperouse.info/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/aurecon-secures-tender-design-on-sydney-light-rail-project.pdf.  PRWire have since removed the pdf because it contravened their Terms of Service – see http://laperouse.info/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/PRWIRE.jpg
As you can read Aurecon is partnering with Parsons Brinkerhoff (PB) to produce the tender design for the shortlisted iLinQ consortium comprised of, Balfour Beatty, McConnell Dowell, Downer Keolis, Bombardier and Macquarie Capital. 
PB is the same organisation that TfNSW contracted to produce the TfNSW response to submissions to the LR EIS.
My second question:
Does it concern you that TfNSW have not only issued Tender specifications  but have also produced a ‘shortlist’ahead of possible approval and Conditions of Consent.
My third question:
Do you think that the process being adopted by TfNSW could be described as ‘best practice’ ?  Reference to recent  recommendations in the Draft Report from the Productivity Commission on Public Infrastructure 13/3/14 and comments by Commissioner Harris about transparency, data collection, scoping and benchmarking at the Sydney Hearing 14/4/14 – see http://www.pc.gov.au/projects/inquiry/infrastructure – might be helpful in making your assessment.
thank you,
Aurecon has announced that it has secured the tender design of the proposed light rail project connecting Sydney’s Central Business District (CBD) to the south east.

According to the news release by Aurecon, the construction work of the Sydney South East Light Rail network, a new 12km twin track light rail through Sydney CBD to Randwick and Kingsford in a Public Private Partnership (PPP) consortium, will be performed by Aurecon’s key client, Transport for New South Wales.

Aurecon has partnered with Parsons Brinckerhoff to deliver the tender design for the shortlisted iLinQ consortium comprised of Balfour Beatty, McConnell Dowell, Downer Keolis, Bombardier and Macquarie Capital.

Key features of the AUD 1.6 billion project which will form part of the tender design include: 20 light rail stops along the 12 kilometre route, major interchanges with ferry, heavy rail and bus services, a pedestrian zone on George Street between Bathurst and Hunter streets, public domain improvements, including possible new public spaces, paving, trees, lighting and street furniture, approximately 12 substations to provide power, and stabling facility in Randwick and a maintenance depot in Rozelle.

The Sydney South East Light Rail network will form the latest addition to the city’s expanding high-capacity light rail system spanning Central and Circular Quays in the north, Pyrmont and Dulwich Hill in the west, and Surrey Hills, Moore Park, Randwick and Kingsford in the south east.

“Aurecon has very strong and, importantly, local know-how delivering major light rail projects in Sydney, including the Inner West Light Rail Extension and the Sydney Light Rail planning study,” said Troy Burton, Project Leader.

“Combined with Parsons Brinckerhoff’s world class light rail expertise and our well-established client relationships with Transport for New South Wales and McConnell Dowell, we’re confident that our team can deliver a sustainable light rail solution capable of facilitating Sydney’s rapid urbanisation and economic growth for many years to come.”