Furore erupts at Randwick City Council Extraordinary meeting

Update: Letter from Dr Mike Lambros on behalf of 28 medical practitioners to Mayor Nash and Ccouncillors
Scan_20140730_085926Scan_20140730_09002329.07.14 Matson motion withdrawn

Extraordinary Meeting, 29 July 2014 convened by Mayor on 7 days notice to re-consider light rail DEVELOPMENT AGREEMENT.   (This account by resident who attended).

Motion put by Councilor Bowen for consultation with residents was lost by 8 to 5.

For: Councilors  Bowen, Moore, Nielen, Da Souza,   Belleli

Against:  Nash, Matson, Shurey, Roberts, Stavrinos, Seng, Smith, Andrews

Mayor Nash tabled two Mayoral Minutes, without prior notice, attaching two motions from Greens Councillors Shurey and Matson from the previous week, for immediate determination of councilors, without further debate.

Cr Greg Moore  was told to sit down by Mayor Nash.  Cr Tony Bowen  claimed Mayor Nash was attempting to gag debate which was inappropriate when the community had not been consulted.  Residents in the gallery were given two copies.

Councillor Bowen pointed out  “Council had failed to consider community impacts and opinions.  Two medical professionals have departed the meeting having explained to councilors the huge detriment to their businesses and patients if the sites of their medical practices were acquired for a light rail terminus, we haven’t consulted with the doctors”.

Responding to Cr Shurey’s question, Dr Paton from Belmore Road East, said that  “any re-location would come at a massive cost, due to the fit-out of practices with expensive equipment”.  He said, ‘There are no suitable properties in the immediate vicinity to the Randwick hospitals campus, close to public transport.  In addition, the Coles parking facility was essential to some patients, attending the practices, in Belmore road and High street, who couldn’t take public transport”.

Responding to Cr Shurey’s second question, that the medical practices would be relocated above the light rail terminus, Dr Paton said, “that amounted to a re-location, and what temporary venue would the practices be relocated while the terminus was under construction”.

The Shurey (Greens) Motion NM 72/14 Council attempts to disregard thriving medical practice businesses in Belmore Road, Randwick, recommending acquisition and development of medical practice properties on North side of High Street between Avoca and Clara streets and East side Belmore Road, opposite High Cross Park”.