A selection of comments on the 2013 EIS

treesI think this Light Rail has been poorly planned with little consultation with the local residents that will be most affected by it, prior to the launch of glossy brochures that I first saw in April 2013 which gave the impression that this infrastructure was a foregone conclusion.(Randwick)

My concern with the plan, is the lack of any discussion or analysis of the issue of seating capacity. ( Gordon)

Underground Underground Underground (CBD)

Not a good idea at all, we should learn from other cities and put it underground  (Pymble)

This is a complete waste of time and money. We should concentrate on improving existing bus services. (Randwick)

I object to the removal of a large number of trees, including significant trees   (Sydney)

Above ground rail is not a solution to traffic congestion. If your serious about improving public transport put it underground like all major cities in the world. Traffic and noise will be worse. (Surry Hills)

I get on the bus near Carlton Street (Kensington) on the way to work near Circular Quay. Currently I can get an express bus from Kensington to near Phillip Street in the city in less than 20 minutes. After the next light rail, because it goes through Central and the city, it will end up taking far longer.  (Kensington)

I do not support the light rail development in the eastern suburbs at its current cost in trees, heritage around the racecourse, and bus services. (Leichhardt)

I object to the removal of a large number of trees, including significant trees
⁃ The current design would involve the removal of a total of 760 trees (including 280 in Randwick and 160 along the Kensington/Kingsford corridor). (Randwick)

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