NSW Parliament Inquiry into the impact of the CBD and South East Light Rail Project

The Public Accountability Committee of the NSW Legislative Council is holding an Inquiry into the Light Rail.  Submissions close 8th July.  Hearings will be conducted in August and the Committee reports in December.  It is important to make a submission and ensure that Randwick City Council represents the interests of residents and businesses in its submission and at the Public Hearings.  Contact your Councillors  (details here)

1. That the Public Accountability Committee inquire into and report on the impact of the construction of the CBD and South East Light Rail Project (“the project”) on residents and businesses in the vicinity of the light rail route, including:

a) the adequacy of the government’s response to the financial impact and diminution in social amenity caused by the project on residents and businesses including access to financial compensation and business support services,

b) the appropriateness and adequacy of the financial compensation process established
by the assessment process and consistency of outcomes,

c) the effectiveness of the government’s communication with residents and businesses
concerning project delays and financial compensation, and

d) any other related matters.

2. That the committee report by 1 December 2018.


Rev the Hon Fred Nile MLC Christian Democratic Party (Chair)
The Hon Matthew Mason-Cox MLC Liberal Party (Deputy Chair)
The Hon Greg Donnelly MLC Australian Labor Party
Dr Mehreen Faruqi MLC* The Greens
The Hon Courtney Houssos MLC Australian Labor Party
The Hon Trevor Khan MLC The Nationals
The Hon Natalie Ward MLC Liberal Party
* Dr Mehreen Faruqi MLC is substituting for Mr Justin Field MLC for the duration of the inquiry


Teresa McMichael Director 02 9230 3528 public.accountability@parliament.nsw.gov.au
Brett Rodgers Senior Council Officer 02 9230 3311 public.accountability@parliament.nsw.gov.au
Sarah Dunn Main Contact 02 9230 3313 public.accountability@parliament.nsw.gov.au
Lauren Evans Assistant Council Officer 02 9230 3543 public.accountability@parliament.nsw.gov.au