Key Light Rail Supporters

Harry Triguboff.

Harry Tribuboff
Meriton believes there are adequate transport links in Pagewood to accommodate the influx of new residents.  But Mr Triguboff has lent his voice to the call by the council[Botany Bay]  to extend the CBD and South East Light Rail to Eastgardens.  Link Southern Courier 14th May, 2014

Max Moore-Wilton
“It’s a project where people would see an improvement quickly and see the O’Farrell government was focused.  I don’t think we should do massive studies and all the rest,  Mr Moore-Wilton said.  “We should go to the people who run light rail around the world and set up a PPP(private public partnership) and get on with it.”  Andrew Clennell, Daily Telegraph 1 July 2011



The chief executive of hospitality company Merivale, Justin Hemmes, said he spoke for many large businesses on George Street in saying the light rail plan was a ‘much better’ concept.  ‘We need to activate George Street, not take people off it,’ Mr Hemmes said.   ‘We’ve got a beautiful city, I don’t want to go underground, I want to stay up top and enjoy it,’ he said.
osmond The chief executive of the Australian National Retailers Association, Margy Osmond, concurred, saying there was no point in removing ‘wallets’ from the street level.  Jake Saulwick, SMH, 19 November 2012


Councillor Murray Matson
“I do feel that over the last 16 years I’ve been dragging the Labor Party behind me like a dead weight on the issue of light rail,” he said. “They have never been helpful and now when we have got this opportunity, they are bringing up all of these side issues.”

Cr Bowen said although he appreciated some of the councillors were looking to obtain a compromise, he was concerned the council did not have safeguards in place.  August 2011: Labor Party ‘dead weight’ on light rail
University of NSW vice-chancellor Fred Hilmer urged the Premier to go with the Randwick-to-Central project first.  Andrew Clennell, Daily Telegraph 6th December 2012