A selection of comments on the 2013 EIS

I think this Light Rail has been poorly planned with little consultation with the local residents that will be most affected by it, prior to the launch of glossy brochures that I first… Continue reading

Planning for the Past

            (1) Background In November 2006, the NSW Government categorically ruled out building a light rail system in Sydney’s CBD, on the grounds (inter alia) that: “light rail would only take… Continue reading

Should we have removed buses because they moved too slowly?

Sydney CBD and South-east Light Rail – Issues – 16 January 2016 (Courtesy of Peter Egan) 1.Should we have removed buses because they moved too slowly? No. The buses were delayed by the cars.… Continue reading

Eastern Suburbs Rail Review – why integrated Heavy Rail & Bus ahead of Light Rail

 extracts from Report of Eastern Suburbs Railway Board of Review 1976        Full report.

Infrastructure NSW – Light Rail vs Alternative Recommendation for CBD

 Infrastructure NSW in its Restart 2012 State Infrastructure Strategy:  First Things First  recommended against Light Rail for the CBD (see table from report for comparison). While they did support a line for Moore Park, Racecourse and… Continue reading

Schedule of Works for Light Rail

Sydney Light Rail Schedule – 1 September 2015 to 30 April 2018 Example:  Anzac Parade, between Dacey Avenue and Todman Avenue 1 December 2016  to   9 November 2017  a total of  343 days… Continue reading

Kingsford and Kensington Businesses under threat

‘Light’ Rail on Randwick Roads will look something like this

Gives a good idea of what the trains will look like. These ranged from 14kmh (emerging at the intersection from the right), to 22kmh speeds. Certainly nothing at 60kmh. The times range (from passing a… Continue reading

Back to the past with trams

When the last tram ran to La Perouse in 1961 the population of Sydney was 2.2 million  and Australia 10.55 million.    In 2011 it was 4.63 million and 22.34 million respectively.  Within 20… Continue reading

CBD Light Rail Supporters

The chief executive of hospitality company Merivale, Justin Hemmes, said he spoke for many large businesses on George Street in saying the light rail plan was a ‘much better’ concept. We need to… Continue reading