Professor Neil Runcie’s speech to Community Forum

Myths, Assumptions and Illusions – Some Inconvenient Truths about the City and South East Light Rail Project New/Old Toys for New Politicians or Public Participation in Planning? By Neil Runcie An Address to a Public… Continue reading

$2.2 billion will deliver a poorer service for South East

“Why is the State ( and Local) Govt rushing to spend over $2,200,000,000 to slash public transport capacity in the South East by over 10,000 passengers an hour compared with what the 20… Continue reading

Residents in Kensington still asking for Cost Benefit Analysis

 (photo taken Saturday 1st November, 2014)

Sydney protest groups line up against road and rail projects

“That was a bloody stupid idea,” says Kristina Keneally, the former NSW premier. In 2010, Keneally cancelled the construction of the CBD Metro line to Rozelle. The decision came at a cost of… Continue reading

Meeting 6th November Randwick Boys High

Response to Gladys Berejiklian Media Release 23 October 2014

The most misleading message is in first paragraph and details right at the end. Media Release is attached below. “Minister for Transport Gladys Berejiklian today announced light rail would have 50 per cent more… Continue reading

Public Participation and Infrastructure Planning

“Joel” posted a comment on this site on 7/7/2014:  “Stop trying to derail this wonderful project.  If you don’t like trams and don’t want to ride them then stay at home!!! “ His… Continue reading

Randwick Council to sign agreement on Light Rail

Councilors FOR:  Nash(Lib), Smith(Lib), Seng(Lib), Roberts(Lib), Stavrinos(Lib),  Matson(Greens), Shurey (Greens), Andrews(Ind) Councilors AGAINST:  Bowen(Lab), Belleli(Lib), DaSouza(Lab), Garcia(Lab), Moore(Lab), Nielsen(Lab),Stevenson(Lab)  (Photo:  Community Protest against)

Furore erupts at Randwick City Council Extraordinary meeting

Update: Letter from Dr Mike Lambros on behalf of 28 medical practitioners to Mayor Nash and Ccouncillors 29.07.14 Matson motion withdrawn Extraordinary Meeting, 29 July 2014 convened by Mayor on 7 days notice… Continue reading

Tram Fan identifies Shortcomings in EIS

Submission to the Light Rail EIS (62 pages)  from engineer and Light Rail supporter identifying major shortcomings -click to read more Wire Free Operation It is incomprehensible that the EIS documentation appears to… Continue reading