Questions of Capacity and Quality of Service

Terry Flynn’s submission on the CSELR contains  calculations proving the proposed trams do not provide enough seating or crush capacity compared to existing buses. What is actually required for the future growth of public… Continue reading

Randwick Council Draft Urban Design Guidelines

  The Mayor and the 14 other Councillors of Randwick City were asked questions about a letter tabled at the Ordinary Meeting held 29th April, 2014.  The letter was signed by the Director… Continue reading

Infrastructure NSW no match for Clover Moore

This was the recommendation from Infrastructure NSW in the State Strategy and announced in a media release  issued on 3rd October, 2012.  However, publicity for the Light Rail alternative gathered momentum.  At the Sydney Boys… Continue reading

Planning no match for Transport Minister

UPDATE:  29th April Randwick Councillors Greens: Matson & Shurey;  Liberals: Nash,Roberts, Stavrinos, Smith, Seng; Independent:  Andrews; and Labor: Garcia (adding an amendment to strengthen ‘consultation’) voted IN FAVOUR of spending $68million (equal to a… Continue reading