RCC Community Light Rail Support Plan Committee

Members of the Light Rail Support Plan Committee are:
Randwick Council representative – General Manager or delegate
Souths Juniors representative – Mr Geoff Knight, CEO Souths Juniors
Cycling industry representative – Mr Jim Hope, Bike East
Resident representative – Mr Mark Haldane
Resident representative – Ms Paulette Barahona
Resident representative – Ms Lily Liu
Resident representative – Mr Terry Lustig
Resident representative – Mr Paul Harapin
Business representative – Mr Peter Schick, President Kingsford Chamber of Commerce
Business representative – Ms Carmel Ellis-Gulli, College Director Randwick TAFE
Business representative – Mr Shane Vincent, Belle Property Randwick

The Committee will provide an additional avenue of consultation and feedback to Council over the next five years on its Light Rail Support Plan. The light rail support plan proposes allocating $68M in future draft budgets, subject to detailed community consultation, to build a multi-storey car park in Kingsford, claw back street parking removed because of the light rail (such as along Anzac Parade), upgrade drainage, create new urban plazas and develop better cycleway connections.

Council will also be conducting wider consultation with all affected residents, businesses and ratepayers and use our established consultation methods such as local Precincts, www.yoursayrandwick.com.au and Council’s social media channels.

Randwick Mayor Scott Nash said the Committee will look at each proposal within the plan as required and ensure it helps maximise the benefits of the new transport system for the Randwick City community.

“We welcome the introduction of light rail in Randwick City and commend the Government on funding this project. The aim of our support plan is to enhance the light rail project and make sure our community gets the most out of this once in a generation opportunity to revitalise our City,” Mayor Nash said.

“This committee will look at each of the projects over the next five years, as necessary, and provide us with additional feedback and information ensuring residents’ needs are considered and complementing our existing community consultation practices.

“I would like to thank these members of the community for volunteering to be part of this committee and helping Council, ensure the smooth integration of the light rail project.”

The committee was formed following a recent Expression of Interest process requiring applicants to meet specific criteria. Applicants who did not meet the criteria were discounted and the remaining candidates were drawn at random to participate in the committee.

The committee will meet this month to establish its terms of reference, a meeting schedule and clarify the role of the group.