Analysis of Light Rail Project based on EIS

Peter Egan – CSLER capacity-demand August 2014

Papers made available from Government (correspondence)

Letter – CBD and South East Light Rail Project 

Infrastructure NSW 2012 First Things First (included Light Rail)

Infrastructure NSW 2012 – Nick Greiner as Chair and Paul Broad as CEO

Infrastructure NSW 2014 update – Graham Bradley as Chair and Jim Betts as CEO

Previous Studies on Light Rail Project

 Sydney CBD Access Strategy – Study by L.E.K. for INSW

Evans & PeckReview of Business Case for CSELR 2013 

GHD Pre-Feasibility Study commissioned by Randwick Council in 2011 and released after GIPA request last 2013. 

General Studies on Light Rail and alternatives and Growth projections

Professor Graham Currie Trade-offs between Light Rail vs Bus Rapid Transit for Sydney (Slide Show)

Department of Planning report on transport growth for Metrostrategy (Tim Brooker) 2013

Reports 2000-2010

Randwick City Council Transport_Study_June_2003_Executive_Summary_KBR