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Sydney CBD’s light rail disaster predicted by infrastructure chiefs six years ago

ABC NEWS: Brigid Glanville, 13th April 2018 In 2012, Paul Broad, then chief executive of Infrastructure NSW, warned the Government about the problems of building a light rail in Sydney. “If you add… Continue reading


6.4 Future need and timing for an extension to the Bondi Junction heavy rail line     Ultimately, if significant numbers of city-bound morning peak hour bus services (and the equivalent outbound bus… Continue reading

Auditor-General’s Report released November 2016

Auditor General’s Report released November 2016 Questions should be asked why Department of Planning approved the project. Exhibit 6: Changes reflected in the December 2014 updated economic appraisal Potential conflict of interest was… Continue reading

Sydney light rail: NSW government moves to quell capacity concerns

July 6, 2016 – 10:35AM  Matt O’Sullivan, Sydney Morning Herald A combination of trams running on Sydney’s new $2.1 billion light rail line and buses will boost public transport capacity from the eastern… Continue reading

Trams vs Active Transport and flexible buses

Former State Government transport adviser and light rail expert Greg Sutherland said stretching the tram to La Perouse ‘ is a no-brainer.  Southern Courier 28th March 2016. Trams ran to La Perouse up… Continue reading

A selection of comments on the 2013 EIS

I think this Light Rail has been poorly planned with little consultation with the local residents that will be most affected by it, prior to the launch of glossy brochures that I first… Continue reading

Planning for the Past

            (1) Background In November 2006, the NSW Government categorically ruled out building a light rail system in Sydney’s CBD, on the grounds (inter alia) that: “light rail would only take… Continue reading

Should we have removed buses because they moved too slowly?

Sydney CBD and South-east Light Rail – Issues – 16 January 2016 (Courtesy of Peter Egan) 1.Should we have removed buses because they moved too slowly? No. The buses were delayed by the cars.… Continue reading

Eastern Suburbs Rail Review – why integrated Heavy Rail & Bus ahead of Light Rail

 extracts from Report of Eastern Suburbs Railway Board of Review 1976        Full report.

Infrastructure NSW – Light Rail vs Alternative Recommendation for CBD

 Infrastructure NSW in its Restart 2012 State Infrastructure Strategy:  First Things First  recommended against Light Rail for the CBD (see table from report for comparison). While they did support a line for Moore Park, Racecourse and… Continue reading